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A useful tool for narrowing down your goals to ensure they’re viable is the SMART mnemonic. This is exactly what this mnemonic helps you to achieve.

  • Does the channel reach my intended audience?
  • Do the channels I’m considering work together to convey my message?
  • Will I be able to measure the success of the channel?

متوفر في المخزون (يمكن الحجز بالطلب المسبق)

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موقع المنصة المعرفية (Elmnassa.Net) هي موسوعة ثقافية متنوعة تهتم بأمور التاريخ و الأبحاث العلمية و المقالات الثقافية المتنوعة .

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  1. David Parker

    Great tool! I am using a redirect plugin to send all my 404’s to my home page but I think it’s slacking sometimes. I noticed that some other sites have taken over my 404’s somehow.

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